DaleBoot UK is located in Abingdon Market Place in the centre of Abingdon-on-Thames. A modern market town in rural Oxfordshire, Abingdon is known for it's centuries old churches and numerous sites of historic importance. These include Abingdon Abbey where William the Conqueror celebrated Easter in 1084, and where Henry I was educated, Abingdon Castle which was built around the 10th century and Abingdon Bridge, originally built in 1416 and altered numerous times over the centuries, most recently in

1929. More recent history includes the construction of the Abingdon Gaol which was built in 1811 by prisoners of the Napoleonic Wars and the MG car factory which open in 1929 and closed in 1980 having produced over 1.1 million cars. Much of Abingdon's history can be discovered at the Abingdon Town Hall Museum, which is just a stones throw from the DaleBoot UK store.