I have spent the last 8 years working with some of the most innovative companies and highly regarded people in the ski industry, advancing my career and taking every opportunity to learn as much as possible along the way. 


This journey started at Outdoor Traders in Abingdon. For four years I worked with James Choularton, an incredible boot fitter, who has been working in the industry for over 20 years. This is where I was first introduced to DaleBoot and learnt the base of my knowledge that I still use on a day to day basis.


During this time I was also introduced to Masterfit University, a company focused on improving the quality of boot fitting around the world. They provide various courses covering everything from the basics going all the way through to secrets used by the top industry professionals. Once a student attending the courses on offer, I now work as an instructor on the European courses.

After enjoying my time working for Outdoor Traders I began developing my own ideas and ambitions for the ski industry. In particular I wanted to look into issues which in many cases are currently being ignored or not addressed by other companies.

This, combined with working with DaleBoot and learning more about a company which provides a fully custom boot for every individual, led me to ask Rob Graham (the owner of DaleBoot) for a job.


I have now spent the last four years in Kitzbühel, Austria at the DaleBoot European headquarters working directly for Rob. During this time I have continued to gain in-depth knowledge and experience of boot fitting and the ski boot industry, having successfully made and fit boots for numerous specialist and extreme cases. Spending this time in Kitzbühel, working half in the factory (making the boots) and half in the shop (fitting the boots), has given me a great understanding of DaleBoot as a company, what it can provide for every skier and how it can be provided. 


So with the backing of DaleBoot, I am excited to announce the opening of DaleBoot UK. I’m looking forward to combining my knowledge and passion with your individual needs to give every skier the opportunity to get the most enjoyment out of their skiing experience. 


I hope to see all of you in the shop and look forward to working with you!

Happy Skiing!

Richard Shayler

Director of DaleBoot U.K.