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  • Why choose custom made?
    DaleBoot has always been defined by our shells. We believe that properly fitted ski boots are by far your most important gear, even more than your choice of skis. Instead of purchasing shells from manufacturers and fitting boots like other ski shops, we make our own. Each shell is made to order, in house, on a person to person basis. From there we add a custom-fitted footbed, an adjustable insole (a DaleBoot exclusive), and a specially contoured intuition or zipfit liner, all of which results in a ski boot designed specifically for you – comfortable and high performing, while eliminating the chance of an off-the-shelf boot-related injury. The most common problems that we encounter that result in an unpleasant experience in an off-the -shelf boot are limited ankle flexion, high arch and instep, and a wide forefoot. However, we are well practised at dealing with a wide range of foot shapes and medical/injury histories.
  • How long will my DaleBoots last?
    While the lifetime of each boot will depend on the skier's style (a more aggressive skier should naturally anticipate more wear and tear in the boot), a DaleBoot can be expected to last significantly longer than an off-the-shelf product. This is due to the use of virgin 100% virgin polyether TPU in the shell and ethyl vinyl acetate in the liner.
  • How do I find the DaleBoot UK shop?
    The DaleBoot UK shop is located above Java Coffee and Idlewild Hair in Abingdon town centre (21-21 Market Place, Abingdon, OX14 3HA). The door and entry buzzer can be found on the end of this building. The best car park to use is Rye Farm Car Park (Abingdon OX14 3HY), which is no more than a five minute walk from the shop.
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