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"Previously, I'd only ever used hire boots and found them ill-fitting and uncomfortable. Richard talked me through the whole fitting process and I was very impressed by his ability to explain in-depth biomechanics in a way that made sense to a casual skier like me. I used my new DaleBoots for the first time this spring and I couldn't believe how much of a difference they made. I felt I had a lot more control when going down the slopes, and I didn't feel any numbness or pain in my feet the entire trip. This made the whole ski experience so much better and I've been recommending DaleBoots to any skier who will listen ever since."

Nigel M, DaleBoot UK customer

"What I like about DaleBoot is the fact that they don't sell off the shelf products. They pay attention to every customer, no matter if you're a beginner or a professional skier and make customized boots for your individual feet. The result is a boot that fits perfectly. Moreover, DaleBoot gives me the opportunity to learn a lot about ski boots, bootfitting and boot setups, and that's really helped me to improve my skiing.“ 

Florian Schneider, DaleBoot Rider

I bought my ski boots in November 2021 [...] Having just returned from a week in Tignes I can say that purchasing these boots was an absolutely amazing experience all round. Richard is clearly a man that knows his stuff; he is able to laymanise what is quite a technical fitting process and explain exactly how each adjustment will improve posture, ability to turn etc. These boots deliver on all the promises and have even exceeded my expectations. The comfort of these boots also blew me away. Having slightly odd shaped feet I was resigned to tightness and soreness if I wanted to go skiing but that is no longer the case. These boots are so comfortable that you could forget you're wearing them and I often did exactly that... a couple of times I'd leave lunch or finish apres, go to buckle up my boots and realise I'd never undone them. If you're having second thoughts about purchasing a pair of these boots, don't, my only regret with this purchase is that I didn't make it sooner!

J.F., DaleBoot UK customer 2022

Rachel J., DaleBoot UK customer 2019

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