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The Gambit

gam-bit logo_edited.png

 The Gambit is a boot designed for skiers who desire a extremely stiff set up. The Gambit’s vertical medial cuff provides increased edging capabilities by positioning the foot closer to the inside edge of the ski. It consists of 3 layers of progressively stiffer and thicker plastic that operate independently, allowing the boot to move with the skier’s foot and lower leg in a smooth, yet firm fashion. This boosts lateral stability and stiffness to enhance power transfer. The overlapping spat system, a key design component across all DaleBoot models, maintains shape integrity through all aspects of the turn. Like the VFF series, the Gambit is 100% custom made and comes with custom liners and in-boot and on-ski stance balancing and alignment. This boot is built for speed – and comfort. So, if you’re looking for a very stiff set up, Gambit is the DaleBoot model for you.

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